Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We went down south to meet the new family to be (my father in law is tying the knot) just after Christmas, and had a great time with all of the cousins and a lovely time on the beach (is there any other kind?). It was a short trip that involved a lot of driving, however, so it took it's toll on us. On top of that, both of the girls caught a stomach bug in the middle of it all and have been sick ever sense. That means that we are still only partly unpacked and the house is in major need of a maid.

It's really sad when you have sick little kidlings, but I do nothing to prevent it. I'm planning to put both girls in public school when the time comes so I'm letting their immune systems get strong now while they aren't missing out on anything from those lame cold symptoms. As a child I was sick ALL THE TIME and on antibiotics/medications way too much. I want a different future for my children! So when some one is sick I still let my kids hang around and suck on their fingers and whatnot (I know, I'm a sick freak... we let them chew on shoes, too). We also try not to medicate... teas and lots of cinnamon, garlic, and gender are our weapons of choice. So far so good, we've yet to go to the dr. office for anything other than shots.

Sati was in bed the other night drifting in and out of continuousness. I wanted to know how she was doing so I asked her in a round about way...

"Is mono [her monkey] sick?"
"did he puke today?"
"does his belly hurt?"
"does he need some water?"
"does mono feel hot?"
"poor mono"
"does mono need besos (kisses)?"
"no, mono's sick of besos"

So maybe kisses aren't the best medicine for my little bug.

What is your philosophy about sickness and germs?
... and medicating?