Monday, August 31, 2009

The Order of Things

Danny's mom is having to evacuate her house because of the fire in Auburn. He said that all is fin,e because the wind is blowing the fire away from her house. Good news! Later Danny and I were talking about it, though, and he said he had to evacuate once when he was a kid. I asked him if it was really cool and exciting (cause thats what I would have thought it would be). He said, "no, I was scared to death..." and then, "but my mom was totally freaking out, so it probably came from that."

There was a line in "Saving Private Ryan" that went something like, If you're going to complain you complain up (in rank). This make sense... there really is no point in complaining down, it's just not beneficial. If there is no one higher, however, you share your thoughts, concerns, and complaints, in the wrong direction, to the wrong person. In the case of Danny's mom, she shared it with her kids.

I remember my childhood being supper secure and comfortable. I always felt safe. I don't think it came from knowing that my parents loved me, although they did and I knew they did. I think it came from knowing they loved each other. I remember that before my dad would go to work each day he would kiss my mom goodbye, and my parents would hold hands when we would drive in the car. It was more than even that, though. The way that they would talk to each other... it was soothing.

So after saying all of that, it shouldn't surprise you to know that I try not to put my kids first, and I don't think that raising them is the most important job that I have. While I do talk about them an awful lot, and spend more time with them than any one else, I almost try and think of it as a day job (although I am tempted to consume myself with them)... or maybe a career. I do this for 20ish years and then retire. Sure I go back and visit and maybe even work part time every now and again, but for the most part I'm retired.

I'm their mother and I love them dearly, but they only have a temporary place in my home. My husband is permanent, my girls are only mine (really mine) until they are 18. Danny is the love of my life and by loving him I am loving my kids. By loving Danny (and being close enough to trust him with my worries, concerns, and thoughts) I am giving my children the comfort, security, safety that they need.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Bigger Picture

In response to Colette's latest post :o) Enjoy

Not okaying sin, but inviting sinners to come to the Lord... loving people as people. Ministering to them where they are, not where we want them to be. Showing them that they have a place in God's kingdom. That they aren't a mistake, and that they can still experience love.
Warning: this may be uncomfortable!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

God's not American

We really want to put a bumper sticker on our car that reads "God is Not American". My Dad thinks we'll get shot. He's probably right (the bullet might even come from somebody at our church)... American Christians seem to think that this is God's chosen nation. You know the part of the bible that talks about the Israelites and the Americans... haha.

When I bring up the fact that I have an issue with Patriotism most of my friends are shocked. They say, "Well, yes, America has walked away from God. But it started out as a Godly nation, laid out with the 10 commandments (more or less) as our governing system. So there for we support American and bringing America back to God." What I say to that is... check your facts. America was in no way founded as a Theocracy. Our "Godly" forefathers were not Christians and many of them were running from something (the law). These were not good, ethical, or bible following people. Even if our nation was "the chosen nation" and was God fearing, do you think it would be biblical to pledge our allegiance to it?

I think patriotism breeds indifference (at the very least) towards other people groups. In fact, there is a man from our church (who I respect as a Godly Christian) who said out right, " I don't care about [such and such a country] I'm American". OK, so the context of the conversation was having to do with gas prices and how much other countries have to pay for fuel in comparison. But I really think, regardless of the subject, that this is the way that the majority of the American Christian church feels. How sad is that? Basically we're saying screw the rest of the world we're the only ones that really matter.

I think my husband also makes a good point when he said "Patriotism is one of the foremost avenues for racism." If we think we are better than others, or more deserving than others, than how are we any different than the Pharisees?

A good friend of mine has some very good questions for the American church (and many other thought provoking ideas) on her blog... I strongly recommend checking it out.

You Did What?

First we name our kid Marleigh (yes, like Bob Marley) and then we make her a little stoned stuffed animal. Does it sound to you like we might get hell for this when she can voice her own opinion about the tortures of her youth? -- Of coarse, that's why we're doing it now and not later... hehe.

What can I say, except that my heart beats to reggae music. Hope yours does, too, someday my little Marleigh. Until then, enjoy your little rastapus.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Money bags

My husband and myself consider ourselves to be thrifty (more like dirt cheap) when it comes to spending paychecks. We do most of our shopping at second hand stores and make most of our products out of used or discarded material. The true minimalists... and then a friend pointed out that I do have a $400 stroller (quite a large price tag for such a cheap couple). That got me thinking...

We totally do spend a lot on some things. The things that we consider important, I guess you could say (although we have plenty of amazing thrift store finds that we use, and love, daily). I thought it would be fun to list those big ticket items.

So, in order of expense...

-Our two cars... We've never had a car payment... love that
-Our Camera... OMGoodness it took us a loooooong time to talk ourselves into it! But we don't regret it...
-Our Dryer... so that we could stack it on the front load washer that we have and make a little more room in our oh so tiny laundry room (not fun to hang clothes out in the snow either).
-The Love Sac... First perchance of our marriage (best buy ever).
-Danny's RC heli... One crazy expensive hobby.
-Our Refrigerator... Got it used for under $200.

Really, that's it (other than like our rent, heating and insurance... that's totally outrageous). There are a couple things that we got for $100, but for the most part this is a complete list. I would have put the "BOB" revolution stroller on here too, but my parents bought that for us as a baby gift.

where do you spend your money?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Wearing

first of all I want to say that I'm not against baby wearing and have been known to carry a babe around in a sling / mai tei (and have some awesome baby carriers, too) on many occasions. It's really awesome to be able to go for a hike with your hands free, or for a walk without the stroller.

Now... the problem I see with the overuse of baby wearing...
  • It promotes dependance on, you, the parent for their comfort and happiness.
  • It is confining (doesn't allow for the exploration of their large motor skills).
  • It can cause separation anxiety (they're scared to be by themselves).
  • It can totally mess up sleep/ eat patterns... and that always makes life hard.
  • It can encourage a false sense of bonding. Just because you have your baby strapped to you does not mean that you are spending quality time with them.
We are not marsupials...