Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Welp, I thought I had it bad with this pregnancy... but now they're telling me that my blood sugar is off the charts.  That's right, I have the dreaded gestational diabetes.  

The Dr.s are a little perplexed because I was quite low on the charts with Sati, but this time my count is sooo high (204) it doesn't seem to make sense.  This could mean a couple of things: 
1) I was already becoming diabetic and pregnancy just sped it up (in which case it most likely won't go away after the baby is born). 
2) it was a total fluke and my blood sugar is really fine. 
3) it's just one of those things... I'll have to deal with it for the next three months and then again if we have more children (but will be fine when there is no child in the belly).

So, while this does happen to many women (and it's not that big of a deal), I'm asking for your prayers (in whatever way you feel lead to pray for me and my little #2).  Thanks!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


... again!

Danny ~ recently had a ton of work (we have no idea where it came from, but are thankful).  Now, it has sluffed off a bit and he's had more time to hang out with the fam. (which we are also thankful for).  He's had much more opportunity to play around with the camera than I have, and has had a much more active roll in posting our makings to ETSY.  On a completely different note... His hair is getting LONG and he's begging me to put dreads in for him.

Me ~ I'm nearing the end of my second trimester (wha who)!  I'm not a happy pregnant person... I'm ready to be done.  Heartburn seems to be controlling my life... I'm trying a few new things to see if I can get more than an hours sleep at night.  I'm loving having the whole family around and am sooo thankful when Danny and Sati pick up the floor so that I don't have to bend over (I really think I need one of those grabbers that people use to pick up trash).  

Sati ~ Oh goodness where do I start... She's saying and signing the funniest things.  She keeps us laughing all the stinking time.  I love this age!!!!  I'm excited to see how she is with her upcoming sibling.  She has a love/hate relationship with the little boy that I babysit, it's funny and sad to see the competition thing start so early.   She has definite preferences... she hates pink (I swear I had nothing to do with it), gloves, and koosh balls.  She loves animals, food (almost any kind), and going on walks.

#2 ~ 26 weeks old in the womb.  One big kid... the Dr. said that "he's" larger than normal.  This one feels and acts like Sati did, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of personality "he" has.  We are all anxious to meet the newest member of the family, but pray that "he" stays in there until at least the due date (May 15th).  Also... no we don't know the sex of baby #2 and don't plan to find out until the middle of may when "he" is born.