Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Rock

... in our family the rock has always been my Grandmother.

We talked her into coming to visit us.  I love it... I'm so glad that Sati's been able to get to know her Great Grandmother. It makes me wish she lived here. We've been playing cards, and working in the Garden.  Both are things that she taught me to love.  It's really great to have her here!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Hunt

for Ripe Berries...

We went blackberry picking this last weekend, but most of the berries were still green.  Not to worry though, cause we still had a good time.

After we got back we even had enough energy to enjoy some really good live music.  You should check them out...The Art of Whimsy!  We also hung out with family and good friends.  It was a fun weekend!  That's what summer's about :o)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saving the World

One Diaper at a Time...

Ok, I know that cloth diapers aren't actually going to save the world (its actually arguable whether or not they're any more environmentally friendly than "green" diapers), but I love them.


~They cost less than paper diapers (even the really fancy cloth ones).
~We think they're just as easy as disposables.
~They feel great.
~You never have to run to the store and get a package of them (and that's great, cause in Portola it's sooo expensive).
~We're not filling up the land fills.
~Cloth diapers are SO much cuter than disposables.
~They don't have harsh chemicals in them.
~Sati never gets diaper rash from her Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers.
~They seem to be super comfortable. 
~they save more money with every kid... I'm not saying that I want a whole bunch of little ones just to get my money out of them though.

There are a few draw backs 
to the cloth diapers.  We use paper diapers when we travel, because some people don't like using their washers for our babies diapers.  Cloth diapers can also cause a lot more laundry.  

Over all I really like them... if you would like to check ours out you should visit the fuzzi Bunz web sight.  There are other kinds of cloth diapers that I've heard good things about too.  So, I may not saving the world, but I feel good about using cloth diapers.  

Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer lovin

Some pictures of the baby having fun this summer...  

fun and fireworks

Last week we had some friends and their three kids come up and stay with us.  It was a bit busy here... you know with four kids on the go, but it was sure fun.  

some pictures of the 4th in Reno.

hanging out at the park, and letterboxing with the kids... fun stuff

the one Harmon that wasn't sad to see them go ~ the bunny (and yes he's healing fine)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Real Thing

So I finally did it.  I got a blog.  I've wanted to for a long time, but you know how things are... 
I reposted my previous ramblings from my myspace account for those of you that never got a chance to see it.   And also so that all of my thoughts would be in one place.  
So here it is... Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy :o) (Oh yeah and that handsome boy and cute baby are my lovely family...)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ode to Lazy Parenting

Ok so I get the magazine ~Wondertime~ I love it!!! It's one of those magazines that doesn't tell you how to raise your kids, while still giving you some great ideas of things to do with your kids. It also has articles from real life parents. 

Anyways, there was one article a couple months ago that really caught my eye. The subject was on lazy parenting (I don't know how many of you know this, but I am one... a lazy parent that is... and the things said in this article ring true in my own life)... Go ahead and check it out!!!

wondertime's lazy parenting link

another article on this subject matter that I really loved popped up in one of my friends blogs... it's kinda long, but if you ask me a GOOD read. 
another pro-lazy parenting link... These are totaly my arguments for lazy parenting (in some one else's words of coarse... cause, yeah, I'm too lazy to write it myself)

Go ahead tell me what you think. We'll discuss it over coffee, or lemonade while the the kids busy themselves doing God only knows what...

Mother may I...

have some boob?

So does it bother anybody else when a 5 year old is still breast feeding. I try not to let it bother me... but it does! To hear a child that has a very large vocabulary talking about their own breast-feeding experience is just a little too much for me.

So the argument in my mind is... we were meant to drink people milk... right (well a lot more than we were meant to have cows milk... and why isn't that gross to me???). It's completely naturally, and is proven to be way better for your baby. 

But for me they hit that walking stage and I feel like it should be over. wouldn't you hate for them to have memories of nursing.... well I sure wouldn't want to remember it. I don't know, what do you think?

Anyways... I'm cutting Sati off before she can say "Boob!"

The Fear Behind it

I don't want fear to control me... like I said I don't WANT it to. Somehow I keep falling back to it though. I believe a lot of the decisions we make are the result of fear... especially in parenthood (I'm as guilty as the next person... but I try to fight it). Well maybe not especially in parenthood... but I think it effects our kids the most (after all what we decide for ourselves is our own fault).

I don't want to teach my daughter to fear anything (other than God). I don't want her to carry my fears with her, and I don't want her to not do the right thing out of fear. I want her to be able to be daring and adventurous, and caring and bold, and bright and silly as she wants to be. I don't want my fears to stop her from being all she can be.

I think as parents we tend to make rules revolved around our own fears (not all of the rules are bad, but they may stem from the wrong place). For example some one who is afraid of their child turning into a thug might hand pick all of their child's friends, researching their backgrounds, and checking out their wardrobe. Or some one who is afraid of their child dying (we all are to some extent) might never let their child out of their sight and never let their child fall down. 

What it comes down to is... God's in control, and I'm not helping things by being a slave to worry. Now as most of you know I don't really worry much... but let me tell you it is a work in progress. So my advise??? ~ FIGHT IT Don't let your decisions come out of fear... don't worry about your kids, or your car, or what you have hiding under your couch. ~~ I'm not saying be careless, just care free... there is a difference! ~~

Super Bugs

I saw a man yesterday in the grocery store with plastic bags over his hands choosing meat and eggs and all the while looking as if he was way out of his comfort zone... in the midst of all those germs and bacteria... I really felt sorry for him. He was completely griped by fear (more to come on that subject later). 

I'm assuming that he sterilizes everything in his house and as much of his life as he can. I know a lot of people that do this same thing to a lesser degree. with lysol in every room of the house and portable purell bottles in their cars and purses. They put their babies in those cute padded shopping cart seats so that those little mouths won't make contact with any of that unsanitary metal. They even try and train their dogs not to sniff other dogs butts (good luck with that).

I, in contrast, rarely, if ever, disinfect my house (I do clean it... just not with bleach). I don't wash my hands every couple of minutes. I usually don't even treat open wounds with anything but water. Is this just an over sight on my part? Nope and this philosophy definitely flows over into our (that's right Danny's on board with this too) child rearing. 

We let Sati chew on, and eat, anything that isn't harmful (as in it won't electrocute her, it won't get lodged in her throat, and we won't need to call poison control). Babies explore with all of their senses so it makes sense to me that they check and see what it tastes like. We let Sati decide what's gross and what isn't. She has been known to suck on shoes, eat sand and go hunting throughout the house for bunny poops. All of these things might sound nasty to us... but I say if it's not harmful to her than why does it matter so much to us?

One of the dreams I have as a parent is to have a healthy child. I don't want her to have to miss much school due to illness (cause I sure did when I was a kid, and it was hard to make up)... I know most other parents feel that same way... right? 

Well you know who the healthiest kids are in elementary school? The kids that were previously in day care. I'm not suggesting that you all enroll your kids in day care... but to me it makes sense. If they're exposed to bugs early on than they already have the antibodies to be able to fight it off the next time around. So (this may sound sick and wrong) when somebody has a cold I hand them Sati, in hopes that we can spend her first few years making the rest of her life healthier.

What do all of you germ-a-phobs think of that? Haha...

PS the whole supper bug theory is based off of the idea that, because anti bacterial soap kills 98% of bacteria, the other 2% will multiply into a much stronger and harder to kill supper bug... causing major illness and possible death to those infected. Yeah... sounds fun right?


It has recently been brought to my attention that my boldness about my decision to no homeschool has been misunderstood. Many of my friends either were home taught or plan to home teach. I don't at all think this is wrong... I believe that most parents do what they believe to be best for their children. We may never know what are the best decisions for our kids, but here is a list of reasons that I think Sati would benefit more from the public school system.

~ Instead of sheltering her from all of the awful things that can (and do) happen during their childhood and teenage years we would be dealing with all of those issues. While this may not be easy I believe it will be easier while my children are still at home under my care (instead of after they are out of the house).

~ I believe this is the perfect place of ministry for children (I know it was for me). We believe that for most of our children's lives we will probably live outside the country. Most missionaries do homeschool their children (I think that this can lead to a very lonely childhood for them... especially if they never learn that countries language) How cool would it be if they actually took a part in being a missionary as a child... to their peers in another country?

~ This one I think most of you would disagree with me on... but... I'm in favor of new regulations as far as homeschooling goes. I have seen and heard of homeschooling gone bad... because people can teach or not teach their kids whatever they want to. I'm not saying that any of the people that I know would not teach their kids (knowingly) things that they really need to know... but it does happen out there. with these new regulations you could still teach your children at home it would just be with an approved curriculum

~ That kind of leads into my next thought... Teachers know what to teach and when to teach it. I know this because as a former preschool teacher I know what is developmentally appropriate for my child until the age of 6 or so. I think that you can probably make a genius out of your kid, but at the cost of their childhood.

~I do plan to supplement education at home if need be. If the education standards of their schools do not add up to my expectations I will supplement with teaching at home. I think that school is more about learning how to socialize and deal with other people than it is about learning how to read and write anyway. I also think that learning how to live with people is a far more important skill.

~Most of the people my age that I know that were home taught said that they will not home teach their kids... enough said...


I just took my little girl to get her third series of vaccines... not my favorite thing to do! Sati does fine though. She tries not to cry even though they give her THREE different ones while we’re there. She’s amazing!!!

While we’re there they do a baby wellness checkup on her. This part is nice because, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m extremely laid back! I never take her to the Dr. (other than scheduled appointments) so it’s nice to know that everything is ok! Not that I wouldn’t take her if I thought something was REALLY wrong...

Well they weighed her and said that Sati is in the 20% for her age, but that, that is normal for a breast fed baby. This got me thinking... Do most people use formula? That to me is just hard to believe... not that I’m against it or anything... but it’s soooo expensive! I bought a can of it for my sister-in-law and I only brought a $20 bill... yeah, it wasn’t enough! I know that WIC will pay for it. We don’t qualify for WIC, though, and we don’t make like a ton of money (I would say average at best... and I stay at home). So people really waste (sorry) $20 on a can when their bodies make it naturally. 

Please know that I’m not trying to offend anybody. I know that some of you work or can’t breast feed for some reason. But the majority? 


The rest of the visit was fine... I just don’t like going (AT ALL)... three more months before we have to face the needle again... YES!!

Father Knows Best

My mom, dad, Sati and I went to San Francisco for a memorial service... So sad!!!! We then decided to make a little mini vacation out of it and go see my little brother in Santa Rosa... very fun (I really missed my boy though)!!!!

We decided to go to eat at a mexican restaurant hear my brother’s place. The food was alright (although it didn’t taste very mexican to me... but I’m particular). When we were leaving one of the mexican waiters asked me if I was waiting for a table (because we were at the front door).

Me, "Nope just waiting for the old man to finish paying (all in english)."

My Dad, "Yeah they call me vato at home!"

The waiter was so confused (as were my brother, his girlfriend and I)... we walked outside and my mom asked what my dad told him.

My Dad, "You know vato... old man..."

Me, "NO..."

My Dad, "Vato means old man!"

Me, "No it doesn’t!" (you know I lived in Mexico for 2 years)

My Dad, "Yeah it does... How much you want to bet."

Me, "I know, Dad."

My Dad, "How do you say it then?"

Me, " Viejo."

My Dad, "Well then what does Vato mean?"

My brother, "Homie."

So now we call my dad homie all the time... it was a good laugh. He still thinks he’s right too... 

The rest of the trip was fun but not worth writhing about, I just had to share that story... I hope it made you laugh!

I love my Dad!

Life and Death

Sunday a friend of our family's was killed when his bike was hit head on by a Police officer that may have fallen asleep at the wheel. While this is sad and tragic it is not the reason for my blog.

I have been reading the reports on this accident and am appalled by the comments made. Some of the comments were sending condolences to the families of all involved (witch I thought was appropriate). Most however were just pointing fingers, either at the bicyclists for being on the road, or at the officer (and law enforcement in general).

What have we become as a society? Do you ever make mistakes? Have you ever driven tired? Have you ever ridden your bike down a busy road because it was the only way to get were you wanted to go? Have you ever lost a loved one? Aren't these all people?

What a disappointment to think that hatred is all that has come out of this tragedy.

Game Night

Our Ministry right now, and for the last 2 1/2 years, has been with the High School kids that come to our "game night". Game night is at our house every friday night. It's purpose is to provide the local kids a place to go on friday nights (instead of partying). 

It stemmed out of my own high school experience. See I grew up (went to high school) in the same little town that we live in today. In high school I had very little to do on friday nights. And all of my friends were up in the woods parting. That just didn't sound appealing to me. ... If you know Portola, you know it closes at around 8:00 (maybe earlier). I had always wished that there was an alternative. I believe that some of my friends, that were going to the parties, wished there was too.

Well now there is!

We do everything from making watermelon masks (thanks to Max), to juggling (lessons from Danny), to gambling (with pennies), to killer bunnies (addictive game), to breaking out the instruments (well everybody but me). We started with two kids coming over and hanging out and it has now turned into 15 kids (and counting). We believe this is the call on out life at them moment, and call us crazy, but we LOVE it.

I believe this is what it looks like for God to change our desires and make them his own (if we let him). It is a wonderful thing that God gives us our passions and uses them for his glory!


my name is Brittney and I'm addicted to everything! I'm so glad that I never started smoking or drinking, because we would have absolutely no money (and I would have major health problems... worse than what I have already). The problem is that I'm an all or nothing kinda girl.

Now when I say EVERYTHING... what does that look like? Well... I'm either currently or have been addicted to Milk, exercising (I'm starting to feel those vibes again... but this one doesn't bother me as much as some), cleaning, Dr. Pepper, Sewing (and other crafts), Book work (I know I'm sick), Gardening (to the point that I'm physically sick before I come in for a drink), kayaking, bathing (like more than 3 times a day...), and many many more...

It seems that the only way for me to kick the addiction is to quit cold turkey, but some of these thing are good in moderation ... right? How do you become unaddicted without stopping completely?

As I drink my Dr. Pepper I contemplate all of the possible solutions... I don't know... maybe I'll take a bath (oh man I'm helpless)!

What About Britt?

Some things about me...

First... I'm the daughter of an awesome creator! I love what God has called me to (a beautiful family and missions). I'm a total slacker and have a lot to learn. I am by no means perfect or even marginally "good". I understand that it is only by gods grace and mercy that I have the life I have today. That being said I want to be all that I can be before my loving father.

Second... I love being a wife. I just started reading this book "Confessions of an Honest Wife". It talks about how dishonest we are about our marriages. It said that women as a unit don't even confide in their closest friends (the truth about being married). So here it is... I was not prepared for some of the things that marriage entails, and there are things that I don't like about marriage. I like what Ruth Gram (Billy Gram's wife) said about her husband when asked if she ever wanted to divorce him, "Divorce? Never! Murder... occasionally". We just think different! On good days of coarse we tend to think that God decided to make it easy on us and give us exactly what we needed (and wanted too). We have a lot of fun. We have a lot of the same interests, and we have a lot of separate interests. We have a beautiful partnership, and I think that it takes us a lot less effort than it seems to take others. I thank the lord for the awesome friend, supporter, and pain in the neck he has provided me with!

Third... I love being a Mom. I am a laid back mom... to the extreme! There is very little that I worry about. I let Sati suck on shoes and other unsanitary things. If she's sick I rock her and give her some Tylenol, but don't rush her to the ER every time her temperature rises. I make her baby food, but not to be organic, I just think that their taste buds aren't so delicate that she couldn't have a little spice (she love jalipinos). I have Sati on a schedule that works for us both. While she's awake I make a point to let her entertain herself (at least for part of the time) so that she won't be so "bored" when she's older and I'm tired of entertaining her. I still love on her, but for her benefit I just don't spoil her will attention (leave that to the grandparents).

And then their are all of my other quarks... 
  • I love Dr. Pepper, Milk, Kombucha tea, and artichokes. 
  • I don't want Sati to be home-schooled (even if we live out of the country). 
  • I feel out of place living in downtown USA. 
  • I don't keep a perfect house, but I think that fact bothers me a lot more than it bothers any one else. 
  • I LOVE to read but hardly ever make the time to do so.
  • I like keeping in touch with people, but I'm really bad about it. 
  • Winters really get me down... I need the sun!
  • I love to garden!
  • I love to hike, backpack, snowshoe, kayak, and anything else outdoor.
  • I can't spell for the life of me.
  • I love Mexico!
  • I love the deaf!
  • I love art, and crafty things.
  • I love to travel (well I love being in a different place anyway... not really the traveling part)
  • I like to play games... board games, dice, and card games.

So yeah... I'm a major procrastinator... the only reason that I got around to writing this blog was because I wanted to procrastinate something else more... :)