Thursday, April 16, 2009

Could it be?

Is spring finally here? I sure hope so (my allergies think so)!! This is the first flower I've seen and it's only about an inch tall... still my hopes are high.

Of coarse, it snowed a couple days ago, but I just took a look at the forecast and I see 70 degree weather in our future. Is that exciting or what?

Anybody have fun plans for spring / summer this year? I think it'll just be nice to go outside without having to put on 15 layers... bring on the heat!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What's With the Egg?

Easter is an event that is just too amazing to wrap my mind around. While I do feel that I could give my life for another person (maybe I'm morbid in that way). I really can't imagine taking their blame and letting it separate me from God (even if only for a min.). That is just too much of a sacrifice. Yet, that's what Jesus did for me... and he was closer to God than any one of us has ever been... I can't even imagine the pain of that separation. He sacrificed EVERYTHING so that I could live forever in glory. And what happened next???? Even more exciting... HE CAME BACK TO LIFE... dude! Like I said, I can't seem to wrap my mind around it.

So, with that being said, you will understand why I'm a bit annoyed. The American church has just added pagan festivities to their own. With sermons on "what the egg means to the Christian" and Easter egg hunts in the Church, how are we separating ourselves from every one else? How are we communicating the truly amazing gift that "Easter" has brought us?

If you want to take your kids out in your back yard and hunt easter eggs, or decorate your house with bunnies, that's your call. It's your family, your house, and your own convictions. But, to me, the church has no place to sponsor these activities (I think the message that is sends is confusing). Sure, maybe it's fun, maybe more people will come if we tone down the message... but in the end will they see Jesus or just the easter bunny?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

That's What She Said

A few more things our little girl does that we find irresistible.

  • She lines her "friends" (stuffed monkey, frog, and bear) up at the door several times a day and has them say "bye, Dad dad".
  • She makes her friends sign "with" before she will pick them up.
  • After she wakes up from her nap I'll hear her asking "Night, night all done??" and then answer "NO!" (while laughing). She also does this in the bath.
  • She always asks if she can brush her teeth before we leave the house.
  • When she's in the nursery at church and the person in charge doesn't know sign, our little Sati "teaches" it to them. She will sign something and then show them what it is... I love it.
  • My parent's cat gets annoyed with her sometimes and will hiss and scratch her. Sati (sometimes bleeding) will say "awww" and give the cat a big hug. As if to say I'm sorry you had to do that.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The end is nearing, and to be honest I'm going to miss it. The biggest reason that I'm going to miss it is because I'm not the one participating (lent started right after I found out that I had GD and I just felt that I couldn't joyfully give up anything else... so I skipped out this year) , Danny is...

He gave up video games. I think it's awesome because I can't stand them... haha. Our little vacation from the controls is coming to an end, however. I can't be sure, but I think he might be a little more excited about it than I am.

Are you practicing lent this year? If so, what is it that you gave up? If not, have you done lent in the past? Do you feel like you are closer to the Lord because of it?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Living off Fear

I really don't pay much attention to current events. I prefer it that way... in fact I make a point to not watch the news. It's not that I don't want to be informed, I would just rather hear both sides of a situation before I make my mind up about something (and I don't remember a single time when the news broadcast has spoken on both sides and allowed you, your own view). Normally, I would say, they find something that might put a couple people in danger (somewhere in the world) and make you feel like you're one of them. American's are fed by fear. I just choose not to partake in the feast.

I'm a little surprised by the people that are really afraid, though. It's the Christians... the ones that claim to have the power of God (GOD!!!!) by their side. I'm a Christian, I know what I believe, and to me, it seems silly to be in fear's grasp. It's paralyzing!

It seems to have been this way sense I can remember. When I left for Mexico (for two years) people from my church were upset and couldn't imagine why I would leave the US when there are people in our own neighborhoods that need to be saved. It is true... there are, but that's not what I was called to.

** In my eyes, American's have all the resources they need to come to Christ. In my eyes, it's a stubbornness that keeps them from the Lord. That's why I don't make a great missionary here in the US (I just don't have the compassion for the rich that I do for the poor). **

A couple months ago, just after the results came in of the presidential election, most of my bible study group walked in looking defeated and somewhat sick. They kept shaking their heads and saying "scary times, we're living in scary times". I really don't know if Obama is the anti-christ or the "hope" that our country is looking for. But Am I the only one that is a little excited at the prospect that he might be "the one" (anti-christ)? We could be witnessing amazing prophecy right here, right now.

** I'm just thinking what is there to fear??? GOD'S ON OUR SIDE... we're on the right side (and by the way if it's foretold by God that there will be an anti-christ, than there will be... we aren't going to stop it). **

The most recent thing that has been brought to my attention is the Mexico scare. When people found out that we were bringing our daughter to Mexico with us on a little short term missions trip.... THEY FLIPPED!!! Even if we were going to be in some kind of danger (which we weren't) is that supposed to stop us from serving the Lord? We are only on this earth for a short time, and if God calls us to some place scary we will go (and we will bring our kids) because God, not fear, is in control of our lives.

** "The only thing to fear is fear it's self" **

an earlier post on fear: State Side: The Fear Behind it

Friday, April 3, 2009

One Day at a Time

This is what my overly scheduled days are looking like.... I'm not much for being glued to a schedule, so it's a challenge for me.

7:00 am *alarm* take med. *hit snooze*
7:30 am *alarm* get up, test blood, eat (a carb and a protein), return to bed (if I'm not dying of heartburn by this time)
8:30 am *alarm* check blood, try and get something done before the baby wakes up (on the really bad days I try and go back to sleep, or take a bath)
10:00 am eat my snack (strawberries and milk), wake, feed, and bathe the baby
12:00 pm outside to play and then make lunch for Sati, my mom, and me
1:00 pm eat lunch (a carb and a protein)
1:15 pm go for a walk (to get my blood sugar down)
2:00 pm test blood
2:15 pm put Sati down for a nap, try and take a nap myself (again if heartburn isn't killing me)
4:00 pm snack again (and I usually have strawberries and milk again... haha), get Sati up, feed her something, go outside to wait for Danny to come home
6:00 pm make dinner
7:00 pm eat (a carb and a protein)
8:00 pm check blood
10:00 pm put Sati down, have my last snack (a carb and a protein)
12:00-1:00 am try to go to sleep (I hate heartburn)
3:00-7:00 am the time I actually get some sleep (because by then the meds have warn off and I don't have heartburn anymore)
7:00 am *alarm*

And it goes on and on.... but I only have six more weeks until the baby comes. Can I hear a wha who!!

So my question is... are you a schedule follower or do you just go with the flow?