Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Can

I've given it up!

The last time I did such a crazy thing was just before Danny and I got married (I needed to prove to myself that I had at least a little self control... I heard it was good for marriage).  The end date to my Dr. Pepper "fast" was our wedding, which at the time was three months away. 

Did I make it? 
Yes!!! but we had to move the wedding up two and a half months. It was a tough two weeks...

It's been 10 days sense my last one, wish me luck.


Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

good luck! kyle and i gave up soda for a year once. i think, if i recall correctly, he made it a month or so longer than me but i think we both made it the year.

we also had tried giving up kissing when we were dating.... haha that didn't last very long... like two weeks i think, if even that.

hmmm... maybe self control is something we lack...


Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

It was more like a month of no kissing... seriously Colette.

Good luck on the whole soda thing.

You could just drink coke instead. hehehe. Then it wouldn't seem so bad. Though it may negate the whole point. Or you could create a dr. pepper patch or gum (I am sure they have dr. pepper gum). That wouldn't negate the point. (We don't look down at people who quite smoking by using nicotine gum or patch).

This just in... They had Dr. Pepper lip smackers.

I really need to hit publish before this goes on any longer.

Brittney Harmon said...

According to the Bible God gives us the spirit of self control. ~So it is a gift given from God~ I believe mine has just atrophied because I don't exercise it enough (at all).

This time however I'm giving it up for health reasons (because sodas are so bad for you). I told myself that I could sill have coffee, but shortly after I gave up the can coffee started not sounding good. I don't force myself to drink caffeine, but maybe I should because the effects where pretty bad.

I was grumpy, groggy, I couldn't sleep well, and I had a really bad headache for about a week. But now I am caffeine free!

And actually I gave up soda closer to the beginning of August, but allowed myself a Dr. Pepper for my Birthday.

Michelle in Mx said...

How is it going?