Thursday, October 16, 2008


I figured this would be a good time for a family update.  

Danny ~ Work has been slow, so he's been at home helping his wife with the house and baby.  He is anxious to leave the snow, and he longs for the ocean.  His wrist is still bothering him (after his accident wake surfing this summer), and we're praying that the weather change doesn't give him too much trouble.  He came back from hunting last weekend with a deer in the ice chest, so we are good on meat, praise the Lord.

Brittney ~ Is feeling sick, and tired with baby number two.  She is hoping that the morning, afternoon, evening sickness will soon go away.  And also that she will be able to get a couple full nights of sleep.  She is still taking care of a little boy three days a week, and a full time wife and mom.  She is sooo thankful that she has such an amazing husband to help her when he can!  

Sati ~ Is a wild woman!  She is in the "pull everything out and spread it out all over the house" stage.  She just had a check up a couple weeks ago and she's only in the fifth percentile  for weight.  So, the Dr. gave her permission to eat all of those yummy high calorie foods, like butter (she's loving it).   She loves the little boy that comes over, but wonders why mom doesn't want her to wake him up too play.

#2 ~ Is a picky little fellow!  He (or she) doesn't like the fresh venison that dad just brought home.  "He" loves soups, veggies, and chocolate.  "He" only lets mom sleep for about half the night, and sure lets her know when she's not doing something right.  "He" just had a Dr.s appt. on monday and is officially 10 weeks old.  The Dr. said that "he" looks healthy, and "he" even moved during the ultrasound.

So now that you are in the know about how our family is, how is yours?



Michelle in Mx said...

Lonnie missed two days of dialysis because he's trying to fix the clutch in our "good" car (the 4 runner) and it's been slow. He says that he is almost done, but it's getting harder to breath since *oh by the way* his body can't get rid of exess water and it's building up aroudn his lungs . . .

Michelle is sick of her own kids and is back to needing a break. Since the last time she felt this way was about a month ago it seem that she needs a day off once a month or we start to lose it. Two days sound better.

Sarah seems happier (mayhaps that cause Mom's been happier) and doing well at her new school. Her 5 year old birthday is coming up Nov 3rd. She's so exicted. Even if Mom doesn't have time/money/energy to do anything.

Andrew is charming, and WAY into Indiana Jones these days. We are a bit conserned about him tieing a jump rope around his body and hanging from teh top bunk rail . . .DUDE!

Alex is one smart kid. Giving him commands like "go put that back" and he's doing it! He's giving open mouth face presses for kisses, and we've moved him into bed with Andrew - so we can get rid of the crib WOO HOO!

We are about 40% unpacked, and the kids are still helping mom with the dishes *after every meal* except on days like today, where everyone was in bed by 6:30 and moms to tired to do anything except blog.

Michelle in Mx said...

You know, that was so informative, I think I'm going to post it on my blog.


Michelle in Mx said...

PS I tagged you for a meme

Rosebud Organics said...

I hope you're feeling better by now!