Friday, May 22, 2009

The Story...

...of how our little Marleigh came into this world. This is for all of you that are detail oriented (but don't worry I wont get too graphic).

As most of you know I started having contractions about 5 weeks before my due date (so I thought we were going to have an early bird) and they continued off and on until the 14th of May when they changed from being really annoying and uncomfortable to painful.

It was around 6:00 pm that I realized that this might be it. My parents came and got Sati at 9:00 ish. Danny and I waited around and played cards for a few more hours just to make sure that it was "real" (because we almost went several other times and then the contractions stopped... really annoying).

We got to the hospital around 11:00, they checked me and then sent me out walking for an hour to see if I could get things moving. We came back and the nurse told us that she spoke to the Dr. and she said that they would check my progress in the morning and if I hadn't progressed they would send me home. (This was a bit disheartening because the hospital is an hour away from our home.) She turned out the light so that we could get some sleep if we wanted to.

And then I started having really intense timely contractions (while Danny was asleep on the pull out bed... haha) and decided to go for a little walk and then take a bath. This is also when I started throwing up, and didn't stop until little Marleigh was born. Danny woke up at around 5:00 am (I think) and they checked me again I was at 7cm (and so excited because I never got that far naturally when I was having Sati). The pain was hard, but manageable... and the labor was progressing wonderfully... yea!!!

At 7:00 they checked me and I was at 9cm... "dude piece of cake I'll have this baby within the hour!"... and then something changed. She flipped and was now sunny side up, hello back labor. The progress that I had been so proud of was now slipping away I was back at a 7cm and couldn't handle the pain.

Somewhere around 11:00am I got an epidural and my whole world changed... haha. I could breath and talk again. I wasn't totally numb and could still move my legs, but the pain was gone. It was great! Then my blood pressure dropped something crazy and I turned white so they put me on oxygen and gave me a shot of something that made me feel much better.

12:30 a slough of nurses rushed in slapped an oxygen mask on me and raced around like crazy... the baby's heart rate had dropped dramatically. They quickly found that she had totaly dropped and I was at a 9 again (a good thing). Just then my water burst and I was ready to push... one problem, I couldn't. The epidural had made it impossible for me to feel what was going on. So they turned it off.

Most, if not all, the feeling came back and finally at around 2:15 they asked me to give a "practice" push. The baby almost came right then... they ran and got the Dr. (we took a quick poll of what sex the baby was going to be... everyone in the room said "boy") and then in two pushes I had another BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!!!


Mare said...

I am so glad you had another girl! Having two girls is special :o) Thank you for sharing your story!

colette ashley said...

beautiful. I cant wait to meet her...

colette ashley said...

and are those braids??? :) cant wait to see those too!