Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Radio Silent

Over here at the Harmon house we have been BUSY for the last few weeks! Here's a taste of what's been going on sense the last post.

I finished my dad's father's day present (left). A self standing screen with birch trees painted on it. It's made from the old fence at my parent's house that my dad and brother are now redoing (thrifty and meaningful... how cool is that?!) It took about a week, but with some perfect finishing touches from Danny it was done just in time to give it to him before our trip.

The day before we left I made a birthday present for one of my sister in laws (totally forgot to take a picture).

I'm scared to death of Sati loosing her monkey so just before we left (like hours) I decided that Mono needed a safe place to ride around on our trip. So I made a sling for his mama. She LOVES it, and I think Mono is happy, too.

.... and then it was finally time to head off to family camp in the redwoods for a week (here's a picture of all the kids... minus marleigh). We had a BLAST but are glad to be back home catching up on sleep


Kyle Ray said...

First you guys are really creative and awesome. Second you have adorable children.

Anonymous said...

I love the tree painted on wood idea... it's almost like showing an old woman a painting of herself in her twenties. Or better yet, painting the picture on her.

And, are those dreads I see on Danny!? I'm envious.

Brittney Harmon said...

I think it's more like painting a lively young woman on a dead old man... sense the wood that I used wasn't birch and was defiantly dead. And now it just sounds creepy and morbid... but thanks anyways... haha.