Wednesday, August 19, 2009

God's not American

We really want to put a bumper sticker on our car that reads "God is Not American". My Dad thinks we'll get shot. He's probably right (the bullet might even come from somebody at our church)... American Christians seem to think that this is God's chosen nation. You know the part of the bible that talks about the Israelites and the Americans... haha.

When I bring up the fact that I have an issue with Patriotism most of my friends are shocked. They say, "Well, yes, America has walked away from God. But it started out as a Godly nation, laid out with the 10 commandments (more or less) as our governing system. So there for we support American and bringing America back to God." What I say to that is... check your facts. America was in no way founded as a Theocracy. Our "Godly" forefathers were not Christians and many of them were running from something (the law). These were not good, ethical, or bible following people. Even if our nation was "the chosen nation" and was God fearing, do you think it would be biblical to pledge our allegiance to it?

I think patriotism breeds indifference (at the very least) towards other people groups. In fact, there is a man from our church (who I respect as a Godly Christian) who said out right, " I don't care about [such and such a country] I'm American". OK, so the context of the conversation was having to do with gas prices and how much other countries have to pay for fuel in comparison. But I really think, regardless of the subject, that this is the way that the majority of the American Christian church feels. How sad is that? Basically we're saying screw the rest of the world we're the only ones that really matter.

I think my husband also makes a good point when he said "Patriotism is one of the foremost avenues for racism." If we think we are better than others, or more deserving than others, than how are we any different than the Pharisees?

A good friend of mine has some very good questions for the American church (and many other thought provoking ideas) on her blog... I strongly recommend checking it out.


Kyle Ray said...

You are awesome.

I think the american church is very very self centered. We think that we are the example that the world should strive for. Yet I don't think we are anywhere near where Christ would want us to be.

Kyle Ray said...

oh and I agree with what you said about our founding fathers. I read a quote from Benjamin Franklin (who didn't attend church) that said the only thing church was good for was to control the people.

.escamilla. said...

i'll buy one of those stickers :)

Brittney Harmon said...

maybe we'll make some to hand out... haha

Johnny said...

ever read "myth of a Christian nation" or "Jesus for president"?

I told Kimberlee you two should write a book called "God is not American" I hear you! Thanks for your thoughts.

Michelle in Mx said...

Ya anti-christ! Lead us all into a one world government -eh? EH!?

you know what I said before "If you can't be with the (country) you love, love the one your with"


Or get out of that country all together and join us loving darling quiet people down south. . . . we in Mexico ARE the chosen ones.