Monday, December 7, 2009

God vs Science

Does it have to be one or the other?

I was reading a blog recently where a woman was talking about her homeschooling and the fact that she doesn't teach the subject of science to her children because it is the subject of the devil (or something like that) and would confuse them into unbelief. I was shocked mildly taken aback. I have known for years that christians and scientists seem to be on opposite sides. I know that many christians scoff at the idea of global warming and scientists roll their eyes at the creation story. Still I assumed even the biggest sceptic believed some theories of science (like that there are other planets and solar systems out there). In the same way I have always believed that even the scientist most apposed to christianity still believed there were certain truths in the world (such as murder being wrong and choice being right).

First of all let me just say that I do have an issue with the idea that we all just happened to accidently form from a mud puddle (it seems way more far fetched than the idea of design to me). And I'm not 100% into the whole global warming/cooling issue not for lack of proof, however... but the simple idea that climate changes are normal i.e. the ice age (this doesn't mean that I don't think taking care of God's creation isn't something that we should always be conscious of). I do know, however, that science helps prove christianity over and over again (and you could probably say the same of the opposite).

To me, discrediting science for fear that it might disprove Christianity is like turning your brain off -something that i don't believe in any way we were called to do- . Why would you even want to follow a God that didn't want to be found in the very thing that he created. I believe that he wants to be found and that he has proven himself over and over again, even in the science realm (no matter how much they want to deny it).

looks like science has just as hard of a time of questioning their beliefs as christians do.


Marie-Chantal said...

I completely agree. Science and God are not mutually exclusive. I do not know why Christians are so anti-science, nor the other way around.

It also seems that those who argue most against the "other side" really haven't done any research into "the other side." Yet, both relentlessly study their own beliefs.

I for one am a lover of Christ and of science. Both are as awe inspiring as the other. Could be because I believe that God created everything, and science allows me to observe it for all it is worth.

Brittney Harmon said...

Thanks for the comment... its good to know that nature and God complement each other so well :o)