Friday, April 2, 2010

Adventures in Chaos

This little one is now signing like crazy.  Does it seem crazy to anyone else that my 10 month old is asking me to turn on the music?


erin said...

love that smile, great photo!

boatbaby said...

What a sweet photo! I wanted to say thanks for coming by my blog and your comments about the name. The funny thing is, Kai is actually number one on our list right now for a boy and a girl. :)
Kailani (sea & sky) or Kaimana (power of the ocean) for the longer version. And another funny is that Marley is one of my top names as well :)(I also think it works for a boy or girl) Great minds think alike?! Thanks for commenting and the suggestions... to be continued!

Katrina said...

Sounds like you've got a smart little guy!
What a perfect photo! Love your(?) hair!

Kate said...

aww mar-mar binks! haha just thought of that. she's so sweet :-)

ps it's me katie b!

Kate said...

oh yeah and i love your hair in this pic, but i'm still itching to help you unbraid it! did you know that you are being lassoed into coming here after the wedding? we can do it then!