Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Haze

These last weeks have been spent in the company of truly lovely people, some of the very best friends any one can have.  My socks were blessed right off my feet, and I now feel I have the stamina to continue down this long and winding road, called life.  

We left the house, the bunny, and the seedlings (in the very capable hands of my parents) three weeks ago to go spend some time getting reacquainted with those we love in and around Ensenada, BC, MX.  Oh how we love it there.  I nearly stayed (or that's what I'd like to tell myself), but after two weeks with our dear friends we broke down our preverbal tent and headed up to Ventura, CA, US to help celebrate with my father-in-law and is beautiful (and oh so amazing) new bride as they promised their lives to each other. Oh what a glorious trip!

In all that excitement and relaxation I let the blog slip by the waist-side (and other things as well).  I have a few finished and unfinished WIPs that need to be photographed and shared and some new finds that I'm sure you'll all love, but that's for another day.  Right now I'll just give you a glimpse of our May.

"Camping" (at a water park) with the Pfingstons.
The baby turned 1... can you believe it?
Our special treat from Dan and Lonnie's scuba trip... yes, I'm completely spoiled!
Beautiful Mexico
Happy couple 
The Groom and his Grand-girls


Marillyn Beard said...

LOVE the girls' dresses! Like your Ergo??? LOL!! You guys look great. How are things going? Shoot me an email soon. Love you!

Brittney Harmon said...

Thanks! I'll post more pics of the girls dresses soon. I take the ergo everywhere I go... love it! Thanks so much for thinking of me!!! Life is a little bit crazy right now, but I will e-mail you soon :o)

Earth Mama said...

What lovely pictures and an amazing adventure it sounds like you went on. I read your previous post...and it is very funny to me that your little one is asking to put the music on. Very fun actually.


Kate said...

the girlies look so sweet!

Michelle in Mx said...

It was you who blessed our (my) socks off . . !!!