Friday, November 11, 2011

Tiger's house

My girls have a few special (imaginary) friends.  It used to be one tiger, but then my eldest learned that tigers die.... so they started procreating...  now there are anywhere from 2-14 tigers in our house on any given day.

Since we're all living in the small living room of our house, while the upstairs gets a face lift, there really isn't room enough for 14 tigers.  Some time ago they moved into our water heater room, a great arrangement, except when the girls went to visit they would come out with some lost treasure (mostly stuff that got shoved in there by yours truly).  Was.not.working.out!


the tiger's house needed some work so one day the girls and i decided to help them out. Us, having opposable thumbs and all... and the tigers (who, at first were very put out) are now happier than ever.  

this is actually before we moved in
so it doesn't have all the crap that it did have a couple days ago.
and do you see that little zebra print stroller peeking out?
Yeah, I made that... well the cover anyways.  More on that later.


Michelle said...

you are amazing!

Katie said...

so stinking awesome!!!!! I love it!

Kate said...

cute, britt! :-)

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