Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Day to Remember

We get a call last night from one of the cutest little girls we know... our niece.  I actually never got to talk to her, but that's beside the point.  She was calling her uncle Danny to wish him a happy anniversary.  

Danny says, "What?!?! Today, really???"

Yep, that's right he had no idea... can you believe it!

So after that he comes over to me and says, "hey guess what... Happy Anniversary!"

Me: "What?!?! really... Today???"

This was around 5:30 in the afternoon, after a very, very long day for both of us.  So we pretty much just went about the rest of the day as normal, and went to bed early. When we talked about it later we decided that we're not like most couples and, as it turns out, the date just doesn't matter that much to us.

So... it's been 4 happy years, and the time has flown by!   We're totally perfect for each other :o)  I love you Danny!!


colette ashley said...

that's awesome! we went to dinner (it was not good) and came home because we missed our girl (and we really wanted to sleep!)

kyle always remembers those things. for the first year we dated i swore his birthday was december 9th (it's the 7th) and i even bought him a ty beanie baby that's "birthday" was december 9th... he won't let me live it down

Brittney Harmon said...

I still have a hard time remembering danny's birthday!

Sleep is my kind of gift anyways... at least right now. I've been sooooo tired the last few weeks.

colette ashley said...

i understand.... :)