Tuesday, December 2, 2008


pies... yummy

Art of Whimsy t-shirt for the Booterbaby.

little girlie tie pants and shirt for little Bella.

little boy tie pants and embroidered tree shirt for my new little nephew.

the "joint effort" project that my sister-in-law and I finished for Finn.

Align LeftThere are several others that we don't have pictures of (including Danny's famous crocheted baby beanies).  But it's no wonder that I'm so pooped, it's a lot of work for a big pregnant lady that is completely drained.


Morgan Jane said...

That is a lot of work, pregnant or not! But it's all soooo cute, I know that all those babies will love drooling all over it. How are you feeling? Ready for Christmas???

Brittney Harmon said...

feeling... well pregnant, not much has changed (other than the fact that I'm already very obviously pregnant).
Christmas... we don't celebrate it... so yeah! I'm totaly ready... haha!

colette ashley said...

she loves it... or at least will love it :)

and isn't it about time that you blogged again?? everyday i open your page only to get a sad face because nothing new exists....

poor poor me...