Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life according to Sati

Our little one has been doing, saying, and signing all kinds of great (and sometime hilarious) things. She's 19 months old and is truly getting a grasp on language, social skills, and life in general (at least as much as her age allows). She isn't as talkative as most kids her age... that might have something to do with the fact that she's trying to learn three languages at once... but I'd say she's doing a pretty good job.

  • She calls the little boy that I babysit... "Baby Doll" (but she calls her dolls "baby")
  • She can sing a whole song without any words (and you would totally know what song it is that she's singing)
  • She just learned how to climb up on the table... yeah
  • She points to my belly, says and signs baby, and then asks to kiss it.
  • Her first language is sign and she can get around with it pretty well. She surprises us with the signs she knows, and with the ones she makes up to get her point across.
  • She is almost always smiling or laughing... she really enjoys life!
  • She loves going for walks in "Bob" (our stroller) and can finger-spell "bob".
  • We never taught her "animal sounds" so she copies the animals real sounds and actually sounds a lot like them.
  • When we go for walks and I make an unexpected turn in "Bob" she says "WOWA MAMA!"
There are a lot more things that she's doing that really crack us up, but I don't want to write a book or anything...


Don & Sonia said...

I love that beautiful blond hair on your sweet baby! She is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Jess says "way too cute and precious!" Nathan says"
So, english and sign, what's the 3rd language? You guys are awesome by the way. I'm not sure if you knew that or not. Peace, hope and love to your beautiful family.

Brittney Harmon said...

The third is spanish, but at one and a half she's maxing her dad and I out... so we're either going to have to move to a spanish speaking country, or just slack off and do the "spanglish" thing that we've been getting buy with until now.

It's too bad we didn't hang out with you guys more when you lived on the main land... but you never know maybe we'll have a chance to join you guys out there in the middle of the ocean someday :o)