Monday, March 2, 2009

The Land of Sunshine

We just got back from a trip south, where the sun seems to always shine. We absolutely loved it!
at the beach, south of the boarder

a birthday party in La Mision, Mexico

a total cheater picture that danny took at the aquarium in La Jolla

My little niece with a young tiger at the San Diego zoo

Now, back to reality (as I watch the snow falling, back at home in Portola). What have you guys done for fun recently?


Anonymous said...

Nothing as cool as that. I've just been getting rained on a lot. I did see some whales the last few days.

Sojourner said...

wow, I never knew you had a blog. I love it!
Added this to my bookmark. :)
I love your pictures. 5D??? That is a very amazing camera.


Brittney Harmon said...

Nathan ~ I'm still jealous...

Ali ~ :o) glad to see some one enjoys the blog. We do have an amazing camera... it's still somewhat out of my league, but I'm learning. What is it that you have?