Friday, April 3, 2009

One Day at a Time

This is what my overly scheduled days are looking like.... I'm not much for being glued to a schedule, so it's a challenge for me.

7:00 am *alarm* take med. *hit snooze*
7:30 am *alarm* get up, test blood, eat (a carb and a protein), return to bed (if I'm not dying of heartburn by this time)
8:30 am *alarm* check blood, try and get something done before the baby wakes up (on the really bad days I try and go back to sleep, or take a bath)
10:00 am eat my snack (strawberries and milk), wake, feed, and bathe the baby
12:00 pm outside to play and then make lunch for Sati, my mom, and me
1:00 pm eat lunch (a carb and a protein)
1:15 pm go for a walk (to get my blood sugar down)
2:00 pm test blood
2:15 pm put Sati down for a nap, try and take a nap myself (again if heartburn isn't killing me)
4:00 pm snack again (and I usually have strawberries and milk again... haha), get Sati up, feed her something, go outside to wait for Danny to come home
6:00 pm make dinner
7:00 pm eat (a carb and a protein)
8:00 pm check blood
10:00 pm put Sati down, have my last snack (a carb and a protein)
12:00-1:00 am try to go to sleep (I hate heartburn)
3:00-7:00 am the time I actually get some sleep (because by then the meds have warn off and I don't have heartburn anymore)
7:00 am *alarm*

And it goes on and on.... but I only have six more weeks until the baby comes. Can I hear a wha who!!

So my question is... are you a schedule follower or do you just go with the flow?


Don & Sonia said...

I like to be spontaneous! If I have to work of course that's a different story. I used to be really bad at "the list"(must be my type A personality), but I'm better now!
On sunday especially I like to wake up, drink coffee, have breakfast with Don, and let the rest of the day plan itself!!

Brittney Harmon said...

I'm with ya... I love having days plan themselves! I also love to head to the great outdoors and see where nature takes us :o) I'll be glad to go back to that!!