Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Finds Friday

Praying in Color

A new (to me) way to talk to God. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I've always found it hard and a bit boring to pray. I know, I should (and really I do) want to spend hours talking to My Savior. It's just that every time I sat down to have a long conversation with The Lord I would end up falling asleep, or at the very least, loose interest and start day dreaming.

We were staying with some family and I saw that the lady of the house was sitting in the front room by herself coloring... I asked what she was working on. She said "I'm Praying in Color, have you heard of it? I think you would like it." and handed me a book.

I had no idea that there were other ways to pray than with your head bent, eyes closed, and hands together... So I borrowed the book! I took it home and read it cover to cover, and to tell you the truth didn't know what I thought. The basic idea is to draw your prayer. for example: writing the names of people you are praying for and drawing/coloring around that name while praying for them... but it's not just about praying for people, it works with just about anything that's on your heart. There were a few concepts that scared me a little, like praying without language (sounded a lot like meditation, and that word reminds me of some new age religion), but then I started to think about people that don't have a language (such as some of the deaf kids that used to come to us at the ranch, 12 years old and no language) ... and I do truly believe that they still have the ability to pray... so I let God out of this little box that I had put him in and here's what I learned:
  • There's more than one way to pray.
  • Hanging out with God (even not talking) can be amazing!
  • "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly"
  • God like's to work outside of the box (he's a creative God).

Start praying in color, or something equally as "outside of the box" and tell me what you think!


Natalie said...

love it! .

Kate said...

oh, was it arlene that you borrowed it from? she showed it to me and i had absolutely no idea what to say about it.