Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Places

The last few days have been spent in the comfort of some one else's home. We've been house sitting for the couple Danny works for. Our days have mostly been spent stoking the fire, playing (with these cool trucks ->), coming up with creative meals (in an awesome kitchen complete with a vitamix), and jumping in the hot tub whenever possible. The life of luxury!

There are just two little obstacles:
1.) Dogs, Within seconds of arriving the dogs chewed up one of Sati's shoes and one of our beloved cloth diapers! Yeah, I was annoyed... Does that mean I'm not an animal person?
2.) This is a house of proud hunters so there are animals hanging all over the walls (don't get me wrong, hunting's not a bad thing, Danny hunts as well). Sati is scared to death, with good reason, of the deer hanging next to her bed at night and has been crying herself to sleep, poor thing!

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