Friday, July 9, 2010

Hiking, Camping, & Sailing... oh my!


went on a 7 mile hike 1/2 was straight uphill (seriously, with steps and all.... could barely walk for the next few days) with Dan and the girlies.  They loved all the water!
[photo by Danny]
And this little girl hiked for almost 2 miles of it... all up hill! Dude, I'm so impressed.

[photo by Danny]
[photo by Danny]

Haven't been sense we started procreating (minus the one time some weeks ago in Mexico, but I'm not sure it counts because they had showers and a water park)... so glad it's back in our lives.  My favorite thing to do is watch those girls covered in soot, sap, bug bites, and scratches enjoy themselves, just as I did as a youngling, in the great outdoors.  This is the part of child raising that I had dreamed of all of my adult life... this is what I have longed to give my children.  I'm so happy that it was a success! Sati even cried when we left and said as we arrived at our front door, "I don't want to go in my house".  Oh what I've give to really be able to raise them outside all year long.


We were a little nervous about taking our camera aboard so this is the only picture that we got of the boat.  I wasn't sure what I would think.  We've been planning to buy a boat and live life traveling around the World, loving on people as we go, for some time now. But would you believe it, this was our first time to actually go sailing.  It wasn't a big boat but it totally solidified our desire to leave the green and jump into the blue... it was so amazing!!!

[photo by Danny]
{I have no idea why there is that huge gap between the title and the rest of the post, too tired to mess with it anymore tonight... hope you're still able to enjoy}


Katie said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! Love the pictures!

Kerrie said...

awww, you guys always look like you have the best adventures together! Thanks for the congrats! You might be the only one that saw some hints. ;)

erin said...

I love all those camping photos. We haven't gone since we've had the little ones either. About a month ago we started discussing it. Our dream spot is about 8 hours away but I think we are going to try another cool place about 3 hours and see how the kids fair. I hope they fall in love with it like yours. :-)

Kate said...

aw britt, this post made me get all teary twice. once b/c i loved how happy you were to get your little fam all out in the woods together. and then when i was sad for myself when you posted about the boat. maybe i can have a little one-person submarine that i can putter along in next to you guys.

Brittney Harmon said...

Katie B... uh-oh tears have been just under the surface for you recently... are you having another fake baby? ;o) Why don't you just go with us in our boat? you can always go for a swim if you need to get away... ha

Kate said...

i know, sheesh. it's terrible!