Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fear Behind it

I don't want fear to control me... like I said I don't WANT it to. Somehow I keep falling back to it though. I believe a lot of the decisions we make are the result of fear... especially in parenthood (I'm as guilty as the next person... but I try to fight it). Well maybe not especially in parenthood... but I think it effects our kids the most (after all what we decide for ourselves is our own fault).

I don't want to teach my daughter to fear anything (other than God). I don't want her to carry my fears with her, and I don't want her to not do the right thing out of fear. I want her to be able to be daring and adventurous, and caring and bold, and bright and silly as she wants to be. I don't want my fears to stop her from being all she can be.

I think as parents we tend to make rules revolved around our own fears (not all of the rules are bad, but they may stem from the wrong place). For example some one who is afraid of their child turning into a thug might hand pick all of their child's friends, researching their backgrounds, and checking out their wardrobe. Or some one who is afraid of their child dying (we all are to some extent) might never let their child out of their sight and never let their child fall down. 

What it comes down to is... God's in control, and I'm not helping things by being a slave to worry. Now as most of you know I don't really worry much... but let me tell you it is a work in progress. So my advise??? ~ FIGHT IT Don't let your decisions come out of fear... don't worry about your kids, or your car, or what you have hiding under your couch. ~~ I'm not saying be careless, just care free... there is a difference! ~~

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