Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best Friends

Sati and "Mono" have been attached at the hip sense the beginning. It was partly our fault because we had him sleep with her and he always got to go along with us on car rides (several to Mexico). He's her best buddy, they're great friends. She really LOVES him!!!

I don't mind that she is so attached because that means she's not that kind of attached to us. She can go places with other people and as long as she has her mono she's fine. This does present one major problem though... what happens if we loose him? Well we found a replacement monkey, but he's just not the same. He's made by the same company and all, but he has different eyes and he's not warn out like her mono.

anyways... the real reason for my post...

On the first car ride that we took with both kids Sati looked at Marleigh in horror... "Where's her Mono???" We realized that this was a problem and have been looking for a friend for Marleigh ever sense.

We found the perfect buddy for our new little girl, but I guess they don't make them anymore because I have checked up and down the internet and only found the small one (we want the bigger one) and you have to order it from Australia... Dude!

So if, in your travels, you see this little guy will you pick one up for us (actually two)? His name is Octavius and he's made by Russ... Thanks!

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