Friday, June 12, 2009

The Right Way

Normally, I would say use whatever means necessary to accomplish the goal, in other words do it any way you want as long as it gets done. But around the house I'm a bit of a nazi, I feel like there is a right way to do things, and Danny thinks so too... Unfortunately we have somewhat different views on what the "right way" is.

From how the dishes fit in the dishwasher, to the laundry, to picking up around the house, we just step on each other's toes, start getting irritated and redo what the other one has already started. Luckily this only happens when we're trying to work together, so it doesn't happen all that much (typically only when we're having company... the perfect time to start a fight).

We both have type B personalities so I wouldn't think this would be a problem, but I'd almost rather go into labor than cook or clean with my favorite person on earth.

~Is something wrong with me?

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