Wednesday, June 3, 2009


~ a refection of the last 20 days with two little girls...

  • Sati has become deathly afraid of eggs causing her to not want to get in the bath tub (I know it's odd, but she is my daughter).
  • People don't critique your parenting skills nearly as much the second time around...
  • Marleigh looked just like her big sister when she was born but is now taking on her own look (and she might have some of her mother in there... about time).
  • I LOVE baby schedules, Marleigh is doing great, Sati sleeps right through the one time a night when Marleigh gets up to eat... and I'm catching up on my Zzzzz.
  • I think Danny has slept more sense the baby was born than he did before... Dude!
  • I'm loving being a mom of two, and I feel so blessed that God gave us girls!
  • Sometimes I just want to talk to an adult.
  • Sati says all kinds of things that we had no idea she knew. Today she was watering my plants and ran out of water in her bucket. handing me the bucket she says "filler up"... what? where did she get that?
  • "little sister" is already getting big. I'm feeling sad about it, it seems too fast.
  • I'm healing so much faster than I did after Sati and I feel wonderful! So glad it's over!!
  • Sati has become MUCH more attached to her Mono.
  • I thank the Lord multiple times a day (or should) that I get to stay home and take care of my family.
  • I'm actually enjoying nursing this time around, but can still identify with a cow (and I hate the way I smell because of it... tmi?).
  • I'm ready for the weekend!


Kyle Ray said...

not tmi, i agree and cant wait to ween bella!

you are blessed, as are your girls and hubby! we simply cant wait to see you guys... which will hopefully be soon! :)

glad you are doing well!


Mare said...

The way you smell? What do you mean?

Having two girls is precious! I love my girls and can't wait for Tabi to be able to run around with Naomi.

Brittney Harmon said...

... like milk (and it never freaking goes away, I even smell it when I'm taking a shower - gross)