Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weren't you pregnant? Cont... #2

My mom is called to come on over, it must be getting close now *crossing fingers* Wonderful, awesome, amazing midwife, Susanne Scott and her assistant show up after labor has gotten intense again, even with the help of the tub I'm ready for this to be over and to hold my little one.  I figure it can't be long now and I'm done.... really, all I want to do is sleep. 

It's morning, maybe 7:00-ish? The sun is up and there are beautiful rainbows bouncing all over the walls, and even on my skin.  *This is something really cool about our new house... the sky lights cast rainbows around the living room all morning.* The sun helps a little for some reason, I feel a bit of renewed strength and determination.  This is the day my little love will be born! 

I'm being encouraged to move around a little, maybe get out of the water... what?!?!  I do stand up for a second, but that's as far as I get... no, the water is were I belong, it's saving my sanity.  I end up trying a few different laboring positions, but since it seems I'm having crazy back labor again, leaning forward is the most comfortable position by far.  I labor a bit more, the midwife checks me, I'm at 9cm she gives me some homeopathic something or other to reduce the swelling and a bit of honey for energy and I'm ready to rock-n-roll.

One push.... 

-Born sunny side up, in the caul, all natural, purple as all get out, in the water is my beautiful, over cooked, baby boy!!! 

What an awesome way to enter the world!

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Kate said...

So so so so amazing! He was so purple! And you were SO hungry after :-) The rainbows and the loveliness... other than the pain for you, I'd do it every week!