Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I just took my little girl to get her third series of vaccines... not my favorite thing to do! Sati does fine though. She tries not to cry even though they give her THREE different ones while we’re there. She’s amazing!!!

While we’re there they do a baby wellness checkup on her. This part is nice because, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m extremely laid back! I never take her to the Dr. (other than scheduled appointments) so it’s nice to know that everything is ok! Not that I wouldn’t take her if I thought something was REALLY wrong...

Well they weighed her and said that Sati is in the 20% for her age, but that, that is normal for a breast fed baby. This got me thinking... Do most people use formula? That to me is just hard to believe... not that I’m against it or anything... but it’s soooo expensive! I bought a can of it for my sister-in-law and I only brought a $20 bill... yeah, it wasn’t enough! I know that WIC will pay for it. We don’t qualify for WIC, though, and we don’t make like a ton of money (I would say average at best... and I stay at home). So people really waste (sorry) $20 on a can when their bodies make it naturally. 

Please know that I’m not trying to offend anybody. I know that some of you work or can’t breast feed for some reason. But the majority? 


The rest of the visit was fine... I just don’t like going (AT ALL)... three more months before we have to face the needle again... YES!!

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