Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Father Knows Best

My mom, dad, Sati and I went to San Francisco for a memorial service... So sad!!!! We then decided to make a little mini vacation out of it and go see my little brother in Santa Rosa... very fun (I really missed my boy though)!!!!

We decided to go to eat at a mexican restaurant hear my brother’s place. The food was alright (although it didn’t taste very mexican to me... but I’m particular). When we were leaving one of the mexican waiters asked me if I was waiting for a table (because we were at the front door).

Me, "Nope just waiting for the old man to finish paying (all in english)."

My Dad, "Yeah they call me vato at home!"

The waiter was so confused (as were my brother, his girlfriend and I)... we walked outside and my mom asked what my dad told him.

My Dad, "You know vato... old man..."

Me, "NO..."

My Dad, "Vato means old man!"

Me, "No it doesn’t!" (you know I lived in Mexico for 2 years)

My Dad, "Yeah it does... How much you want to bet."

Me, "I know, Dad."

My Dad, "How do you say it then?"

Me, " Viejo."

My Dad, "Well then what does Vato mean?"

My brother, "Homie."

So now we call my dad homie all the time... it was a good laugh. He still thinks he’s right too... 

The rest of the trip was fun but not worth writhing about, I just had to share that story... I hope it made you laugh!

I love my Dad!

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