Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What About Britt?

Some things about me...

First... I'm the daughter of an awesome creator! I love what God has called me to (a beautiful family and missions). I'm a total slacker and have a lot to learn. I am by no means perfect or even marginally "good". I understand that it is only by gods grace and mercy that I have the life I have today. That being said I want to be all that I can be before my loving father.

Second... I love being a wife. I just started reading this book "Confessions of an Honest Wife". It talks about how dishonest we are about our marriages. It said that women as a unit don't even confide in their closest friends (the truth about being married). So here it is... I was not prepared for some of the things that marriage entails, and there are things that I don't like about marriage. I like what Ruth Gram (Billy Gram's wife) said about her husband when asked if she ever wanted to divorce him, "Divorce? Never! Murder... occasionally". We just think different! On good days of coarse we tend to think that God decided to make it easy on us and give us exactly what we needed (and wanted too). We have a lot of fun. We have a lot of the same interests, and we have a lot of separate interests. We have a beautiful partnership, and I think that it takes us a lot less effort than it seems to take others. I thank the lord for the awesome friend, supporter, and pain in the neck he has provided me with!

Third... I love being a Mom. I am a laid back mom... to the extreme! There is very little that I worry about. I let Sati suck on shoes and other unsanitary things. If she's sick I rock her and give her some Tylenol, but don't rush her to the ER every time her temperature rises. I make her baby food, but not to be organic, I just think that their taste buds aren't so delicate that she couldn't have a little spice (she love jalipinos). I have Sati on a schedule that works for us both. While she's awake I make a point to let her entertain herself (at least for part of the time) so that she won't be so "bored" when she's older and I'm tired of entertaining her. I still love on her, but for her benefit I just don't spoil her will attention (leave that to the grandparents).

And then their are all of my other quarks... 
  • I love Dr. Pepper, Milk, Kombucha tea, and artichokes. 
  • I don't want Sati to be home-schooled (even if we live out of the country). 
  • I feel out of place living in downtown USA. 
  • I don't keep a perfect house, but I think that fact bothers me a lot more than it bothers any one else. 
  • I LOVE to read but hardly ever make the time to do so.
  • I like keeping in touch with people, but I'm really bad about it. 
  • Winters really get me down... I need the sun!
  • I love to garden!
  • I love to hike, backpack, snowshoe, kayak, and anything else outdoor.
  • I can't spell for the life of me.
  • I love Mexico!
  • I love the deaf!
  • I love art, and crafty things.
  • I love to travel (well I love being in a different place anyway... not really the traveling part)
  • I like to play games... board games, dice, and card games.

So yeah... I'm a major procrastinator... the only reason that I got around to writing this blog was because I wanted to procrastinate something else more... :)

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