Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It has recently been brought to my attention that my boldness about my decision to no homeschool has been misunderstood. Many of my friends either were home taught or plan to home teach. I don't at all think this is wrong... I believe that most parents do what they believe to be best for their children. We may never know what are the best decisions for our kids, but here is a list of reasons that I think Sati would benefit more from the public school system.

~ Instead of sheltering her from all of the awful things that can (and do) happen during their childhood and teenage years we would be dealing with all of those issues. While this may not be easy I believe it will be easier while my children are still at home under my care (instead of after they are out of the house).

~ I believe this is the perfect place of ministry for children (I know it was for me). We believe that for most of our children's lives we will probably live outside the country. Most missionaries do homeschool their children (I think that this can lead to a very lonely childhood for them... especially if they never learn that countries language) How cool would it be if they actually took a part in being a missionary as a child... to their peers in another country?

~ This one I think most of you would disagree with me on... but... I'm in favor of new regulations as far as homeschooling goes. I have seen and heard of homeschooling gone bad... because people can teach or not teach their kids whatever they want to. I'm not saying that any of the people that I know would not teach their kids (knowingly) things that they really need to know... but it does happen out there. with these new regulations you could still teach your children at home it would just be with an approved curriculum

~ That kind of leads into my next thought... Teachers know what to teach and when to teach it. I know this because as a former preschool teacher I know what is developmentally appropriate for my child until the age of 6 or so. I think that you can probably make a genius out of your kid, but at the cost of their childhood.

~I do plan to supplement education at home if need be. If the education standards of their schools do not add up to my expectations I will supplement with teaching at home. I think that school is more about learning how to socialize and deal with other people than it is about learning how to read and write anyway. I also think that learning how to live with people is a far more important skill.

~Most of the people my age that I know that were home taught said that they will not home teach their kids... enough said...

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