Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Bugs

I saw a man yesterday in the grocery store with plastic bags over his hands choosing meat and eggs and all the while looking as if he was way out of his comfort zone... in the midst of all those germs and bacteria... I really felt sorry for him. He was completely griped by fear (more to come on that subject later). 

I'm assuming that he sterilizes everything in his house and as much of his life as he can. I know a lot of people that do this same thing to a lesser degree. with lysol in every room of the house and portable purell bottles in their cars and purses. They put their babies in those cute padded shopping cart seats so that those little mouths won't make contact with any of that unsanitary metal. They even try and train their dogs not to sniff other dogs butts (good luck with that).

I, in contrast, rarely, if ever, disinfect my house (I do clean it... just not with bleach). I don't wash my hands every couple of minutes. I usually don't even treat open wounds with anything but water. Is this just an over sight on my part? Nope and this philosophy definitely flows over into our (that's right Danny's on board with this too) child rearing. 

We let Sati chew on, and eat, anything that isn't harmful (as in it won't electrocute her, it won't get lodged in her throat, and we won't need to call poison control). Babies explore with all of their senses so it makes sense to me that they check and see what it tastes like. We let Sati decide what's gross and what isn't. She has been known to suck on shoes, eat sand and go hunting throughout the house for bunny poops. All of these things might sound nasty to us... but I say if it's not harmful to her than why does it matter so much to us?

One of the dreams I have as a parent is to have a healthy child. I don't want her to have to miss much school due to illness (cause I sure did when I was a kid, and it was hard to make up)... I know most other parents feel that same way... right? 

Well you know who the healthiest kids are in elementary school? The kids that were previously in day care. I'm not suggesting that you all enroll your kids in day care... but to me it makes sense. If they're exposed to bugs early on than they already have the antibodies to be able to fight it off the next time around. So (this may sound sick and wrong) when somebody has a cold I hand them Sati, in hopes that we can spend her first few years making the rest of her life healthier.

What do all of you germ-a-phobs think of that? Haha...

PS the whole supper bug theory is based off of the idea that, because anti bacterial soap kills 98% of bacteria, the other 2% will multiply into a much stronger and harder to kill supper bug... causing major illness and possible death to those infected. Yeah... sounds fun right?

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