Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life and Death

Sunday a friend of our family's was killed when his bike was hit head on by a Police officer that may have fallen asleep at the wheel. While this is sad and tragic it is not the reason for my blog.

I have been reading the reports on this accident and am appalled by the comments made. Some of the comments were sending condolences to the families of all involved (witch I thought was appropriate). Most however were just pointing fingers, either at the bicyclists for being on the road, or at the officer (and law enforcement in general).

What have we become as a society? Do you ever make mistakes? Have you ever driven tired? Have you ever ridden your bike down a busy road because it was the only way to get were you wanted to go? Have you ever lost a loved one? Aren't these all people?

What a disappointment to think that hatred is all that has come out of this tragedy.

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